Frequently Asked Questions

What else will I need for my web site?

You will need a domain name and a plan. What is your website about? What is your goal? Who is your audience. Take all of these things into account when selecting a domain name and planning your website.

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Where can I find a good template for my site?

A template is included with your website. Once you purchase your hosting, you will recieve a list of styles and designs to choose from, at no additional cost. We will set that theme up to reflect your brand!

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Is a theme included with my site?

Yes, you will receive a series of layouts and styles to choose from. We will take that theme and make it yours but adding your logo, content and colors.

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Will I be able to sell multiple items on my site?

Yes, with your WordPress installation, we also install WooCommerce – the number one ecommerce plug in for WordPress. You can easily add as many items as you’d like to sell.