Hosting is hosting is hosting…or is it? If you’ve ever purchased bargain hosting only to find your web site was not loading, not loading correctly or breaking, you already know. WordPress is a great solution for those wanting a website and not wanting to learn web design. Much of the “hard work” is already done for you, you just have to style it and fill it with your words and/or items. Because WordPress comes ready to go, with so much already functioning, you might also expect it to be a heavy load on your server and you’d be right.

WordPress is server intensive and when you are renting space on a server that is overbooked, by design, you end up with a broken web site or a really poor experience for your visitors. Most visitors leave a website with in 20 seconds if it isn’t loading or if it looks to be broken. Those are visitors who never heard how great your product or service is, and who were RIGHT THERE, captive and ready to buy. Those are people who are supporting your competition-not because the competition is better, but because they were available when the customer needed them.

Our hosting is WordPress specific-we even install WordPress for you so you are ready to go, right from the beginning. We started doing this because we heard from users that they would sometimes get frustrated working with the quirks of the installation. It was our own experience with a lesser than hosting company that drove us to find and create something better. Something that works and is affordable to most people.

Speed and reliability are important for any website, but especially for WordPress sites, which often have a huge amount of data stored and waiting to be displayed. Lackluster hosting can also cause serious check out issues when you have convinced your customers to shop with you. Bad servers time out before the charge can clear, and leave you with no captured currency. It’s a real life game of chasing your own tail, and it’s unnecessary.

When selecting a host, pay attention to what they say and what they do not. If they aren’t telling you that their hosting is fast, it’s because it isn’t. Ask what their uptime guarantee is (ours is 99%) and if their technical support is available 24/7-and if it costs extra. Our hosting is here for you, specifically. We set up your hosting so that all you have to do is fill up and style your web site, not a bit of programming needed. If you do ever run into trouble, we are here, every day, every hour, making sure our servers are properly serving out clients. If you’d like to know how that feels, join us.